Monday, March 12, 2007

RateYourStudents - A Growing Disappointment

When I first discovered RateYourStudents a few months ago, I was delighted to find a blog rebelling against Well, not really "rebelling", but rather providing a quiet public space to vent, so you don't have to bore your friends with the same ole I-nearly-roasted-and-ate-a-few-basket-case-students-today story. Ahhh - the joy in reading about how there are students with more comical excuses than mine was such a relief.
But what the hell happened??? Now the blog publishes more posts of students who try to improve the image of their species are published than the posts of professors! So students have the right to defend themselves on RateYourStudents, whereas professors have to suck up the accusations on RateMyProfessor? It seems that the students are getting a taste of their own public humiliation, and even though it is completely anonymous, they feel attacked.
Professors are aware that most students are hard-working and decent human beings. That's why we love our jobs. But if students have a right to announce to the world that our noses are too long, then why can't we let loose a little as well?

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Twice said...

Perhaps someone should start an "annoying excuses" blog.