Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ahhh Spring Break

Spring break - I am writing a grant proposal for my new position. It is a highly competitive foundation, and so mixed feelings (wouldn't it be great if I get it and what's the point, I won't be selected anyways) have given my motivation a bipolar edge. But I better clench my teeth and finish it.
And of course I have to simultaneously entertain the departmental colleague, who has only 1 week of spring break to get 5 weeks worth of work accomplished. I am wondering, why she is still sitting in my office monologuing about what home improvement projects she will decide on next...
I have only 10 weeks left here at my visiting position, and I am beginning to feel homeless. I have been excluded from all departmental meetings and the students treat me as if they don't have to impress me any longer.

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