Thursday, July 12, 2007


There has been a discussion on the blogs (Lesboprof and Dean Dad) over negotiations. I have to say, that sometimes it matters in which division you apply. Research start-up is a much more sensitive point than a leather office chair in the sciences, when you're bargaining over 6 figures (and yes, science tenure track newbies, you can get 6 figs even at a SLAC!) to set up a lab. No start-up, no supply for the essentials, no research, no publications. I sometimes don't understand the humanities. You base your offer on office furniture??? In my mind, office furniture is only important, if you can transform a hard heavy leather chair into intricate and highly sensitive spectroscopy instruments. Who cares what you sit on? It won't get you tenure!
Aside from research start-up, when I applied I was told by many friends that it was essential to bargain for your salary. Well, there is no little birdy to tell you how much is too much. I only had chronicle numbers to rely on, so I decided to go 15% above the published numbers when I went into the dreaded phone negotiations, and I got 10%. But Lesboprof is right. Chronicle numbers don't give you an average across the field. So as she advised, I should have contacted their library. I wished, I would have had her input 9 months ago.

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